About Neupitz.

Warmth, openness & diversity

These qualities are of particular importance to us. By »diverse,« we primarily refer to origin, gender, age, physical ability, beliefs, financial status, and profession. Whether artist (of life), banker, programmer, writer, carpenter, manager, or yoga teacher, what unites all our visitors is warmth and the interest in learning from one another. At this point, we find it important to mention that our founder is a German potato, and the team is heterosexual. We are aware that this comes with privileges, and we critically reflect on them.

A place for new beginnings.

With Neupitz, we've created the place we've always wished for: It's a meeting point where people learn from each other and forge visions together. A place that inspires — through its closeness to nature and the individuals who gather here. A place that can be visited for days or weeks, leaving a sense of inner and outer connection. Where healthy eating, restful sleep, and a walk in the woods are as obligatory as focused work. A place where relaxation and creativity go hand in hand.

Countryside life: with laptops, not tractors.

How it all happened? We had enough of the hectic city, wanted to be in nature. Not just during our free time but also during lunch breaks. Wanted to walk barefoot through the grass in the morning and fall asleep in silence at night. Now, we're here — and want to make this experience possible for others, too. Country living, but with laptops instead of tractors. With sustainable principles, without falling into dogma. Our daily life doesn't feel like a social recession. On the contrary: the people who visit our place inspire us. And each other. They discover new (self-)awareness and feel mental and physical freedom. Just like us. Day after day.


Our vision & values


Team: That's who we are

Nice to meet you.

This is us, a team of generalists, fulfilling their dream with Neupitz. Our core team consists of five individuals: Stephan, Jill, Nino, Pit, and Lisa. What unites us is a genuine interest in bringing people together and the excitement to collectively create something new. Fun fact: At Neupitz, we do many things for the very first time. But no worries, challenges are our thing.

Menschen sitzen auf dem Steg an einem See
Mann mit langem Hals lächelt verlegen



After completing his training in neuroscience, Stephan initially spent many years in the international start-up world. Despite valuable experience, he found no fulfillment in it. He made the bold decision to follow an inner impulse — and settled in the countryside. At the beginning of 2023, he founded Neupitz, where he has been combining private and professional visions ever since.
Mann mit langem Hals lächelt verlegen



Pit's passion focuses on optimizing processes and building efficient structures. His focus is always on practicable solutions, sustainability and social values. He brings his expertise in HR and sustainable management to Neupitz. His motivation: actively shaping the transformation of our working world through sustainable and social infrastructures.
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Marketing & Design

Lisa is a freelance designer with a particular passion for branding and web design. She is responsible for the visual identity of Neupitz. There is a special reason why her heart beats so loudly for this place: even as a child, she spent summers with her family on a small island in Lake Teupitz.
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Cooperations & Partnerships

Entering new ways and acting responsibly: This is something that is close to Jill's heart. As a cultural manager with a degree in sustainable business management, she is particularly interested in innovative interfaces between urban and countryside. After working as a project manager for social start-ups such as Sirplus and nebenan.de, she is now working in this role in Neupitz. She is also a fantastic cook.

Our place is for...


1 - 5 people

  • Spend time alone, with partners or friends

  • Sleep in cozy single or double rooms with your own desk

  • Work in our co-working spaces & exchange ideas with other guests

  • Enjoy our leisure activities and our communal kitchen

Groups & teams

5 - 30 people

  • Experience team offsites, strategy days/sprints & retreats (optional including concept, planning & implementation)

  • Access our large network of coaches & facilitators

  • Enjoy our fully equipped workshop rooms as well as our cozy bedrooms & bungalows

  • Let us provide you with healthy & delicious food — or use our communal kitchen for self-catering

You have questions?
We got answers!

It's important to us to find the right balance for your stay. Just reach out to us. We'll tailor the experience to suit you and look forward to engaging with you.